Ethiopian PM ‘resigns’

'Prime Minister' Haile Mariam Dessalegn submitted his resignation letter today.   The premier requested to be relieved both from the premiership of the country and the chairmanship of EPRDF, the coalition that ruled the country for the past 27 years.

In an interview he gave at his office Mr. Dessalegn said that his resignation has been accepted by his party, the Southern Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Movement (SEPDM) and the EPRDF.

The PM cited the current nationwide uprising that is rocking the country as the reason for his resignation. He hopes his resignation will pave the way for a peaceful transition of power that would alleviate the current security crisis. He also intends to remain a member of his party and contribute everything expected of him.

Hailemariam was not a member of the all powerful TPLF which basically controls the EPRDF coalition, hence it was very obvious that his power was marginal. He basically rubber stamped everything the TPLF bosses told him to do. Due to this fact many consider that he is being pushed out.