Thursday, July 19, 2018


You donations are very important, and it is desperately needed by hundreds of thousands who need our help urgently.

Donations may be submitted in any of the following methods:

1 Sending Check or Money Order to the following address:
Macha Tulama Association
8303 Osage Terrace
Adelphi, MD 20783
2 Using direct money transfer from your bank account:1
Account Number: 446040555632
Routing Number: 052001633
3 Using wire transfer:2
wire: 026009593 - Swift code: BOFAUS3N
4 Donating to the GoFundMe Campaign at the following address:
5 Using PayPal or Credit Card by clicking the button shown below:3



1 Direct bank transfer instructions using account number and routing number

2 Wire Transfer instructions

3 If you already have a PayPal account then you may select the Login link from the PayPal page. If not you can easily create a PayPal account using your email address and a credit card. You may also donate directly using a credit card.