Sponsorship Programs

As a result of nationwide Oromo protest in Oromia, more than thousand are killed and tens of thousands are incapacitated with heavy injury. Ethiopian regime’s own account revealed more than eleven thousand young Oromos have been thrown into Ethiopian jails just after the Irreecha Massacre without any justification. Today, Oromia is under state of emergency and oromos are living in war zones.Because of the perilous situation in Oromia, immediate and enduring or permanent support became inevitable as one-time help was not adequate. So far, the response from Diaspora Oromo in tackling this problem is not matching with the huge need from Oromia. Therefore, this alarming condition of our people, definitely needs serious attention from all Oromo individuals, groups and organizations.

Based on its historical heritage and long standing track record MTA has a moral obligation to take on this challenge and do everything at its disposal in mitigating the suffering of our people at this critical time in our history. Obviously, the financial assistance program that MTA is carrying out currently benefited many Oromo across Oromia. But, one time financial assistance will not be sufficient for those who lost part of their body and became disabled or lost family member who is the bread winner.  They need continuous financial, moral and technical support so that they can be rehabilitated and become self-reliant.

The MTA Sponsorship program, a long term project that targets the challenge of giving a new hope for the disabled/ seriously injured victim and families who lost bread winners in rebuilding her/his life once again. MTA is fully committed to vigorously pursue the Sponsorship program. Initially, MTA started the sponsorship program as a modest project to respond to emergency need.  Convinced by the overwhelming need from our people and through confronting all odds and emboldened by the success of the program, MTA is currently working on expanding the program to a larger project that benefits Oromo victims in a larger scale.

Here are some of the guiding principles MTA adheres to in the process of carrying out the Sponsorship program:

  1. The Oromo moral code, safuu, kakuu, trust, honesty, mutual respect  and compassion
  2. Oromummaa, the natural chain that bonds us together as a people of one nation with mannequin challenge.
  3. No favoritism based on religious, regional, political affiliation and gender in determining assistance to victims
  4. Having high regard and caring for the safety of one another all along by keeping strict confidentiality through the program span and beyond

MTA sponsorship program is carried out by volunteers for now. Details of the project will be given when sponsors are willing to participate in the actual project.

Full participation of Oromos from all walks of life is very important for the success of the Sponsorship program. Therefore, we ask you to voluntarily join the MTA Sponsorship program. Together we can make a difference! Our people need us!