One of the founders of Macha Tulama Association

It was with deep sadness that our people both in Oromia and in the Diaspora heardon January 24, 2016, of the passing away of Obbo Baqqala Mokonnon,one of the distinguished pioneering founders and leaders of the renowned Macha–Tulama Self­Help Association (MTA). He was a great leader and a highly respected nationalist who devoted all of his adult life to fighting for the rights of the Oromo people.

Obbo Baqqala died at the age of eith-six. He spent about a decade in an Ethiopian prison as a prisoner of conscience and about a quarter of a century in exile. His death is a tremendous loss to his family members, to our nation, and to all Oromo nationalists who have sacrificed thier lives by struggling for the liberation of the Oromo people and their beloved country, Oromia.

Oromumma (Oromo nationalism), which Oromo nationalists such as Obbo Baqqala and his father Mokonnon Wasanu helped to blossom, has developed into the leading ideology of the Oromo national movement and has mobilized the entire Oromo nation into action to liberate itself from Ethiopian colonialism. The current Oromia-wide protest movement is the living example of this process.


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