Macha Tulama Association Appeal to Oromo in Diaspora

Macha Tulama Association Appeal to Oromo in Diaspora

Dear Oromo in Diaspora,

As you all know, the Oromo people have been facing genocide from the Ethiopian regime’s militia, police, security agents, and government officials in general and the Agazi in particular. Consequently, more than one thousand Oromo have been killed; hundreds of them have been crippled, blinded and disfigured; and thousands of them have been imprisoned and tortured. In fact, we do not know the actual numbers of Oromo victims because the regime does not want the world to know the numbers. Under the current state of emergency, just after the irreechaa massacre more than eleven thousand Oromos have been thrown in to jails according to the Ethiopian regime’s own account. Despite all these challenging problems and sufferings, our people are bravely struggling to restore our pride, nationhood, sovereignty, and country. By their blood and suffering, our people have restored our unity and humanity that suffered for more than a century.

The reality is that our people are living in war zones without places to retreat to receive help; without agencies that can provide them shelter, food, medicine and other necessary materials; and without governments that can support them. Global powers have continued to provide material and financial resources to the terrorist regime while giving lip service to our terrorized people. The Tigrayan state elites and their Oromo servants, who are only committed to gain something at the cost of the destruction of their people, are looting Oromo resources and preventing Oromo from supporting one another in Oromia and beyond.  The Oromo problems are increasing from day to day and from month to month because the Oromo are determined to liberate themselves and the Ethiopian fascist regime is also committed to keep them under the yoke of colonialism.

So it is time for the Oromo in the diaspora to ask themselves how they can continue to support their people who are sacrificing their precious lives to liberate their nation, Oromia. This is the period of darkness and tragedy for our people. At the same time, the Oromo history is entering a new phase. The entire Oromo in the diaspora must make a continuous contribution. Our main contribution in the diaspora must be financial one in order to help our people who are crippled, blinded and disfigured; the children of the deceased; and those who are suffering in the jungle without food, clothes, and medicine.

The leadership of the Macha-Tulama Self-Help Association, USA, expresses its heartfelt thanks for the contributions you have already made until now to support your people. Hundreds Oromo victims of Ethiopian brutal force have already received your support. The support that MTA has received on behalf of Oromo victims is insignificant in relation to the size of the victims and cannot support most of them. In addition, the size of Oromo victims is increasing in thousands. We wish to tell you the names of those who the association has helped on your behalf, but we cannot do know because of their safety. We have their names, addresses, telephones and regions where they live. In the near future, when the time allows you will know the names of the people you helped.

Brothers and sisters, we appeal to you to continue to contribute money to support Oromo victims of Ethiopian state violence. The money you contributed is depleted, and Oromo victims of violence have nobody except you.

You can contribute by going to Macha Tulama website: and use the PayPal method

Or use:

Transfer money to Macha  Tulama emergency Fund account:

Bank of America
3413 Kennethworth Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Routing number: 052001633
Account number: 446037323547
Wire: 026009593
Swift code: BOFAUS3N

Thank you very much for your understanding and responding to our national call and appeal.