Appeal to Oromo Diaspora

To: Oromo in Diaspora

Dear brothers and sisters, 

We are sending you our appeal letter to bring to your attention the critical condition under which the Oromo people are suffering currently and to earnestly request for your generous financial help once again.  We believe that you are fully aware of the continuous genocidal war that the Ethiopian regime is systematically perpetuating against the Oromo people.  Since the Oromo protest of 2014, thousands Oromo have been killed; thousands of them have been crippled, blinded and disfigured; and thousands of them have been imprisoned and tortured.  Under the current state of emergency, just after the Irreechaa massacre more than fifty thousand Oromo have been thrown into jails. Despite all these challenging problems and sufferings, our people are bravely struggling to restore our national pride and to liberate our country. By their blood and suffering, our people have restored our unity and humanity that suffered for more than a century. Thanks to your generous donations, MTA has been providing modest help to our people during such turbulent times.

Sadly, the plight of our people is never alleviated; it is rather worsened currently. Once again the Ethiopian regime has resorted to its old tactic of inciting ethnic conflict between the Oromo and its neighboring peoples in order to divert attention from the Oromo protest that has rocked the whole empire. The other main purpose of the regime is to weaken and destroy Oromo nationhood and Oromummaa. To carry out its evil missions, the Ethiopian regime is using “Liyu Hayil,” a force under the control of federal authority. Currently, in Eastern, South-East, South and south-west parts of Oromia, and Dambi Dollo, Oromo are in daily wars. Villages after villages are raided on a daily basis. Thousands are uprooted from their houses; thousands are killed or injured and in need of food, clothes and medicine. By the order of the so-called federal government, Oromo economic resources, particularly animals, are looted.

We believe that you can make a significant positive impact at this critical time. Our people have hope in us that we will respond to their sufferings because we are more fortunate to live in a peaceful country. We all owe to our people and to stand with them at this historical juncture. Therefore, we appeal to you for your donations.  At the same time, we deeply express our heart-felt thanks for your previous support for Oromo victims of Ethiopian state violence through the Macha Tulama Association, USA.

You can send your donations to: Macha Tulama emergency fund account

Routing Number: 052001633,

Account number: 446037323547

Swift code: BOFAUS3N

You can donate through:

You can also donate through PayPal on the MTA website. We would like to let you know that every dollar of your donation will be dedicated to the humanitarian crisis in Oromia.  Once again, we thank you deeply and appreciate your contributions to the recovery of the recent Victims of “Liyu Hayl” that are injured, crippled, sick and hungry Oromo in Hararghe, Bale, Borana, Guji, and Dambi Dollo.

With best regards,

Asafa Jalata

Asafa Jalata Ph.D.

President, Macha-Tulama Association,

Washington, DC