Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Qophii Maaca fi tulama bara 2003

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MTA members annual meeting

MTA members annual meeting Date: Friday, July 28th, 2017 Time: 12 PM to 4:00 PM Place: Washington Ethical Society 7750 16th St Nw Washington DC 20012


MTA Appeal to Oromo Diaspora

March 25, 2017 To: Oromo in Diaspora Dear brothers and sisters,  We are sending you our appeal letter to bring to your attention the critical condition under which the Oromo people

Macha Tulama Association Appeal to Oromo in Diaspora

Macha Tulama Association Appeal to Oromo in Diaspora Dear Oromo in Diaspora, As you all know, the Oromo people have been facing genocide from the Ethiopian regime’s militia, police, se

Oromummaa as Oromo National Culture, Identity and Ideology

Explaining Oromummaa intelligently and clearly requires at least five levels of conceptualization: at the first level, having a basic form of Oromummaa means to manifest Oromoness by practic

Oromo Religion

There are three main religions in Oromia: traditional Oromo religion, Islam and Christianity. Before the introduction of Christianity and Islam, the Oromo people practiced their own religion...

Oromo People

THE PEOPLE In spite of the fact that there are several indications and evidences that Oromo are indigenous to this part of Africa, Abyssinian rulers, court historians and monks contend th